Saturday, 27 June 2015


The life of the people of Nepal worsened due powerful earthquakes which hit some parts of the country. The poor were affected the most. Many lost their near and dear ones and their belongings, some were left handicapped for life without hands and legs. Many people were traumatized by this incident. Volunteers came from all over India, also different countries like China, Korea and USA to lend a helping hand. CHAI (Secunderabad) had organized medical camps and sent volunteers to reach out to the victims. With the help of Jesuit fathers, myself a Carmelite Missionary and other Congregations like the Daughters’ of the cross and St. Anne’s' of Charity rendered our service. We were mostly sent to remote and lonely areas, with bad roads and huge mountains where government help had not reached. We helped the people by giving medical care as well as the psychological support. We went to different districts each day with food kits and medicines to help the people. I had challenging experience and am grateful to my congregation for giving me this opportunity of helping my people.

Sr. Nirmala Kujur
Carmelite Missionaries

Thursday, 25 June 2015

The New V- Guard Unit in Vijayarai

The building for our new unit in Vijayarai was blessed on
4th February 2015. The Little flower Women Charitable Society is the 3rd Unit assembling of Electronic Stabilizers. 35 women are involved the production of the stabilizers. We thank God for this Golden opportunity given to us for the enhancement of women in the area.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

" Hi" to Carmel convent school once again

The re-opening of Carmel Convent School was on 8th June 2015. To invoke God’s blessings for the new academic year a prayer service was organized by both the shifts separately on 13th June 2015. Sr.Vilma D’Silva, the Provincial, Sr.Philomena Menezes, the Councillor and Sr.Nancy  Monteiro were invited to attend the Prayer service by the staff of both the shifts. The prayer service began with lighting of the lamps by all the sisters while a meaningful song was sung and appropriate quotating were cited from sacred Bible, Kuran and  Bhagvad Geeta.  Children offered lighted candles, books, school calendar, uniform and sports items. Sr.Vilma D’Silva, Philomena Menezes, and all the sisters were felicitated with a bouquet of flowers. While addressing the assembly Sr.Vilma reminded the students of their duties and responsibilities towards the school, respect for the teachers and elders and good behavior in the school campus and class rooms. Sr.Philomena Menzes encouraged the children to be like a light and spread the light around.

Junagadh community.

Sunday, 7 June 2015


Love responds in love to love. Meltina Munis, Amrita Ekka and Asunta Kindo, three novices having listened to God's call responded to it by proclaiming, " MY VOCATION IS LOVE ". The First Profession took place on 6th of May, 2015 in the Novitiate Chapel in Pune, in the presence of our Provincial Sr. Wilma D'Silva , Councilors and their family members.  Joy and celebration marked the day as we accepted three more sisters in the Congregation. We pray for our newly professed sisters as they desire to sail deep in the ocean of God's love to know and serve God. May their lives enable many others to take a step forward and plunge into the ocean of religious life.