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Friday, July 1

Vocational Testimonies of Sisters from Carmelite Missionaries

Let's saw the seeds........ 

It's our great pleasure to have our dear sisters with vocational testimonies to motivate the young generation to join the religious life. Thank you dear sisters for those who took the initiative to share your vocational journey with us. May it touch many young people to follow Christ in the family of Carmel. We wish many more sisters to come forward to share your rich experiences. 

Kindly watch the vocational testimonies of our sisters from Indian Province, Carmelite Missionary, India. 

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Saturday, May 21

 Congratulations dear Silver Jubilerian Sisters 

Sr. Sunita Sr. Sangita

 Jubilee is a time for looking back and looking forward. The book of Leviticus illustrates the spirit of Jubilee, as an occasion of grateful remembrance of the past events; of rejoicing for the graces received; of recognition of God’s faithfulness. As we look at our lives, we would like to repeat the words “My Soul magnifies the Lord my savior’ these joyous words of Mary resounds in my ears. Indeed it is the time of rejoicing, a time of thanks giving for the wonders God has done, for last 25 years , a day of gratitude for God’s amazing love and fidelity, a day of recommitment to the Lord my Savior. It was a journey to experience God’s personal and special love. We thank the Lord for His fidelity towards me. we owe a debt of gratitude to Sr. Lila Rose Ramirez, our superior general and her council, to our present Provincial Sr. Philomena Menezes and her council, and all the former provincials and council, for their support, continues guidance, care and the opportunities they gave us. Special thanks to all the formators, sisters in different communities for being part of our lives by moulding us according to His likeness and image. They have added glamour to our vocational journey. 

  Pope Francis tells us that living the present with passion means becoming “experts in communion” we are called to offer a real model of community which, by acknowledging the dignity of each person and sharing our respective gifts, makes it possible to live as brothers and sisters, where we live our lives and help others to live theirs. Yes our community members have played a great role in our lives, and helped us to grow. We are grateful to our parents, brothers, sisters and family members for sowing the seed of faith and nourishing us with proper guidance. We pray to God that He may give them their rewards.


Congratulations dear Sr. Santi for saying yes to carry out Gods mission in the Family of Carmel


                                                           Thank you Lord 

 How can I praise you enough…how can I thank you enough, most loving God  How can I love you enough, is a song that is humming in my heart today as I made my first profession. I stand before our creator with owe for his wonders in my life and I bow before Him with gratitude for his bountiful love and faithfulness to me. I have no words to express but with simplicity and gratitude I say “Thank you Lord for everything.” During my two years of novitiate I experienced the immense love of Jesus, who called me to be his own, in the family of Carmel. I experienced His presence and closeness in every moment of my life. I thank Him for His unconditional love towards me and choosing me to be His instrument and to continue His mission on earth by sharing His love to the people around me. Prayer had been a source of strength for me to face the difficulties and challenges of my life and to become strong in my religious life. I felt Jesus saying to me “I have no hands but yours; I have no feet but yours”. I was moved by this experience and I surrendered myself to Him. Life in the mission also gave me the desire to give myself to the service of others. The pain and struggles of the people helped me to increase my love for mission and to serve them. The commitment and dedication of the sisters also gave me encouragement to be like them. I am grateful to God who called me to work in His vineyard and to abide in His love. I also take this opportunity to thank all the sisters of our province, and my formators who supported and guided me all throughout my formation. Specially I thank Sr. Mini Cyriac, for her constant accompaniment and guidance which helped me to understand the love of God and to grow in my vocation. I thank my Provincial Sr. Philomena Menezes and her councilors who accepted me to become a part of our Congregation. 

 Sr. Santi Mard

                            MONTH OF MAY, MONTH OF MARY, MONTH OF FLOWERS.

 The month of May is the month of flowers and the month of Mary. The veneration consists in offering to Mary the flowers of this beautiful season in representation of her virtues. To present flowers to Mary is to commit ourselves to practice the virtues the flowers represent. “Let us, then, enter into ourselves: our soul is a garden. And since the 30 bouquets of flowers symbolize different virtue, one for each day, we would have on the 31st day a complete work, crowning our mother”. {Fr.Francisco Palau} The tradition of dedicating the month of May to Mary came about in the 13th century. The actual reason is the fact that this month is the time when spring is at the height of its beauty. Spring is also connected with nature renewing itself. In her way, Mary gave new life to the world when she gave birth to our savior Jesus Christ. Devotion to Mary is an important part of the Catholic identity. As our mother, she is an example of a committed “Yes” to the will of God. Because of the devotion to her many people ask her for help in the most difficult moments of their life as any child does with his mother. For a Carmelite, she is a mother and sister. As we experience her maternal care and protection, in turn may we deepen our love for her. 

On 1st of May we celebrate the feast of St. Joseph the worker. We know St. Joseph was a carpenter, not one of the powerful men in town, as some were shocked when they witnessed Jesus’ teachings in the temple and said, “Is this not the carpenter’s son?” (Matthew 13:55). This shows that Joseph was an ordinary man who lived a simple life. St. Joseph was an honest worker and therefore known to be the ‘Patron Saint of Workers’ The feast of St. Joseph the Worker was established by Pope Pius XII in 1955 in order to Christianize the concept of labor and give to all workmen a model and a protector. “May Day” has long been dedicated to labor and the working men. Pope Pius XII expressed the hope that this feast would accentuate the dignity of labor and would bring a spiritual dimension to labor unions. Let us entrust to Mary’s maternal care, the entire suffering humanity, in a particular way the suffering people of Ukraine and Russia that they all may feel the loving protection of Mother Mary and the Peace of the Risen Lord. May St. Joseph, the worker intercede for all the workers. St. Joseph the worker pray for all the workers


Monday, April 11

 150 death Anniversary of Blessed Francisco Palau Celebration in Indian Province. 

Opening of 150th Death Anniversary of Founder at, Dhnadhuka


The Solemn Celebration of the opening ceremony of the 150th Death Anniversary of our beloved Founder, Bl. Francisco Palau began with the triduum On the 17th March. On the last day of triduum evening we invited all our Parishners to join us, as to make them understand about the celebration of the 150th death anniversary of Bl. Francisco Palau. The response was awesome that the baptized and non-baptized came to join for the prayer. Our boarders too were present for the prayer. We Began with a bhajan, reading from bible passage about the parable of the sower and followed by the explanation of the passage connected with the life of founder to them. We also explained in short about the life of Fonder and the congregation and also about the CMS. The triduum Prayer ended with the final blessing by Fr.Ignas Gordamino SJ . The Parishners enjoyed the prayer and we shared tea and snacks with them.

On the 20th in the parish Church we bagn the Eucharistic celebration with the procession of Founder’s relic, five burning candles representing 5 continents and writings of Founder. Sr.Jokina read the introduction  about the celebration, the life  of founder in short and about the presence of sisters all over the world with various  apostolate. Fr.Ignas Gordamino SJ, from Spain was the main celebrant who spoke about founder Bl.Francisco Palau and his deep love for the Church. we also had the offertory procession and melodious choir and meaningful liturgy.  After the Mass we distributed sweets for all.

In the afternoon we had meaningful rosary with our boarders and explained to them about our Founder specially about his exorcism ministry and about our charism. We invited our fathers to join for lunch and distributed snacks to the borders. The celebration was indeed joyful and meaningful.

All these celebrations will increase Our love for our beloved Founder, Bl. Francisco and we wish and pray that through his intercession many more miracles may happen and he be raised and proclaimed to the altar of sainthood. Amen

Sr.Bincy Jose, Sr.Rosekutty Joseph & Sr.Jokina Macwan

St.John of the Cross community, Dhandhuka


Sunday, March 13

 Women's day celebration in various communities, Indian Province

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